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Better Story


Everyone has a story. Those of the greatest impacts are often untold but reflect in our gait, stride and eyes. Chike's ambition in life was to help everyone he met tell a better story.

He believed so much in Nigeria and in the power of free enterprise. He saw opportunities where the untrained eye has looked and failed. In seizing the opportunities, he was more kind than ruthless. He knew that true greatness is not measured by what you get but by what you give. He stopped at nothing in recreating under-performing lives. 

His passion was entrepreneurship. He wanted to create businesses but more importantly he wanted to build people; impact lives and teach the virtues of purpose, passion and accountability, his sine qua non for greatness. He raised need to a new estate in my opinion. He taught me to ask where do I make the most impact and not where do I get the biggest laurels.

In celebration of CHIKE  EDWARD OKOLI, we introduce the CHIKE OKOLI FOUNDATION in advancement of the very virtues he lived and hoped and worked for. He genuinely wanted everybody to tell a better story. 

Dr  Stella Okoli, OON

November 2005

A heart of gold

It is difficult to fully describe a man as phenomenal as Chike Edward Obiora Nnabuenyi Okoli (Ozuomba!!!).

Join us to make a difference in someone's life today.

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