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Our History

In celebration of CHIKE EDWARD OKOLI, we introduce the CHIKE OKOLI FOUNDATION in advancement of the very virtues he lived and hoped and worked for. He genuinely wanted everybody to tell a better story. It is a private, not for profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) set out to create a healthy and prosperous society. As part of its charter, it would support programs and activities aimed at addressing the challenges of health and entrepreneurship.


That every young Nigerian will be:
•  Fully aware of the causes of cardiovascular diseases.
•  Equipped with entrepreneurial skills To support the building of a healthy and prosperous Nation.


To foster lifestyle adjustments and entrepreneurial culture among Nigerian youths by promoting business education and creating awareness about cardiovascular health.


The Chike Okoli Foundation embodies the values that marked the brief but remarkable life of Chike Okoli:

•  Integrity: He was truthful, reliable, honest, fair, dependable, clear and precise in all endeavors, at all times. He turned down a business deal worth over $6m because the transactions were not wholly ethical.

•  Resilience: He knew that the best way to have the future of his dream was to create it. He did not wait for the ship at a distance to dock. He swam across the oceans and defied all odds to live his dream.

•  Enterprise: He believed we are all architects. We can all build an abundance of prosperity by finding a need and deploying our talents and passion in delivering the desired solution.

•  Service: He knew that service was the shortest road to success when given faithfully, consistently and with great passion.


•  To use all proper and culturally acceptable media to draw attention to CVDs, working closely with various youth development organizations/institutions.

•  Publication and distribution of health information materials on cardiovascular diseases for public enlightenment.

•  Partnership with leading health institutions to provide free screening, consulting, referral services etc to members of the public who require such services.

•  Endowment of the Chike Okoli Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka to inculcate 21st century skills,   techniques and competencies in Nigerian youths; create wealth and prosperity by harnessing untapped potentials in our youths, and reduce unemployment by promoting entrepreneurship.



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